You’ve seen us rave about how much we like Ikea kitchens. Like here and here for inst. What you didn’t know was that we loved Ikea kitchens so much we don’t relegate them to the kitchen. in fact, we like them all over the house. The cabinets can be customized who use all over the house.

As wardrobes

For storage in the living room

Kids you say. Sure, Ikea kitchen cabinets has got that covered.

While children grow, your home doesn’t have to turn into a mad mix of rainbow-hued plastic toys, dirty soccer cleats, or tea parties gone awry. Keeping your littles’ things neat and tidy is easier than you think.


Moved on from toddlers to bigger kids. Well sure, we’ve got something for you too.

But wait don’t order yet…there’s more. Read on to see how these versatile cabinet systems work in the bathroom as well.

2 thoughts on “Ikea kitchen cabinets take their mojo out of the kitchen

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